No More Beaches!? - It's All Happening

No More Beaches!? - It's All Happening

Moving to Los Angeles was a big deal for me.

It’s the reason I launched the travel blog I always wanted to create, it forced me to become a true go-getter, and it pushed me to explore life outside my comfort zone without having anyone to hold my hand through the process. 23 years spent living in the same county just wasn’t cutting it for me nor pushing me to flourish.

Lance Gross x Rocky Rug Present: Les Femmes

I don't come out to play with the Hollywood crowd too often, but occasionally when an alluring event of some sort lands specifically in my inbox, I make the effort to schedule it in.

This time, the invite was by way of Royal Waistbeads (my mom's and my jewelry business). I've vended at/helped sponsor a few different Hollywood events via RWBs since my relocation, and with varying levels of success, I've tended to mainly stick with only selling online where we get the most love with the least promotional effort. (Fun fact: Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith's ex wife of Hollywood Exes, once purchased a set from me at the first event I did here. I had to look her up because I’d never watched the show, but she was such a sweetheart!)

However, when we were extended an opportunity to be involved with the Les Femmes show by actor Lance Gross, I figured I'd give it a go. Any of the event’s LA-based sponsors or gift bag contributors were added to the guest list, and our simple contribution of gift certificates was enough to grant access.

California Love | 1 Year In Los Angeles

It's been a year...Happy LA-versary to me!

Exactly a week after my birthday came my one year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles. I've heard an Uber driver or two say that you're truly official after you've spent at least a year as an Angeleno, so I'd say it's safe to say I've earned my stripes (well, maybe one stripe) as a California girl.

Celebrating 24 | From San Francisco to Santa Monica

Celebrating 24 | From San Francisco to Santa Monica

(Four)eeeeeeever young, I want to be (four)ever young...

Whenever someone in my age bracket -- *cough* my best friends included -- says we're getting old, I immediately give them a "bish whet?"-esque reaction and cue up "Forever Young" in my head. Thinking young is not an excuse to treat my 20s as a carefree continuation of undergrad, but a motto to remember that age is what you make of it. If I had my headphones with me today, I'd be playing that song (Jay-Z’s version, of course) right now, because it's perched up in my mind. But I forgot my headphones today, and that always sucks. Womp.

Wine Not? | A Mellow Malibu Winery Outing

Every time I find myself in Malibu, it’s a breath of fresh air. Whether I’m coastside cruising down along the PCH or up driving in and out of the rolling hills, the many scenic perspectives tug at my heartstrings.

Life seems easy in the ‘Bu. I can totally picture myself spending a breezy afternoon catching waves at Surfrider Beach (#surfbort), heading to dinner at Nobu where I might see Drake eating crabs and casually say what’s up, and then I’d retreat to my nice cozy palace…