Las Vegas Eats | 3 Satisfying Spots You've Got to Indulge In

3 for 3: A+ restaurants on the strip for brunch, dinner, and dessert. 


It's a Saturday in Vegas. Understandably, you'll wake up considerably late after your full night whylin' out until sunrise. You'll crave cheesy eggs and syrupy Belgian waffles, halfway hungover and upset when you turn over and read it's nearly 1:00 or 2:00pm, undoubtedly past breakfast time around these parts. No worries! Hash House a Go Go is right here.

If you're like Dri and me, you can't go anywhere without doing brunch (we've already told you that like five times, you say? My bad). Well, your desires shall not got unmet. Grab your sunglasses, down an Advil or two, and head to the mid-strip's Quad Hotel, finding the Go-Go located towards the back of the casino.

Hash House is like an upgraded Cracker Barrel, with fresh & fancy farm food on the menu and an industrial flare in its decor. Its Saturday and Sunday brunch is served until 5:00pm -- plenty of time for you to sleep off last night. Their french toast -- “griddled fresh and dipped in banana cinnamon cream w/ pecan maple syrup” -- was muy, muy delicioso!

French toast cooked with banana; strawberry garnish; bacon; scrambled eggs; side of pecans

Industrial-farm interior 

Entrance at the back of the Quad

Hash House waffle 

Brooklyn Bowl exterior


Not too far from Hash House a Go-Go, just outside of the Quad Hotel, is the brand new Linq strip mall. I love this slice of the strip for its chic storefronts and trendy restaurants. Head here and you'll find Brooklyn Bowl, one of said new eateries, which happens to also be a concert venue and bowling alley all in one.

So far, I've only gone for the food, and more specifically, the chicken. Can't ask for much else than some good ol' friend chicken and dranks. I wouldn't even lie to y'all... my friend Britney and I both agreed that their fried chicken hit. the. SPOT. I was impressed. It was well-seasoned with that savory home-cooked taste, reminding me of my mom's famous fried chicken. Whoever cheffed up their recipe must have some soul in them. Kudos Brooklyn Bowl.

Crunchy fried chicken with a side of sirracha 

Brookyn Bowl's neighbors - Sprinkles and the High Roller observation wheel

Disco decor

The bar

View from second floor bar

2/3 of us gave our rum punch pitcher thumbs up


Still keeping you center-strip (right across the street -- nice and convenient for you), my final suggestion for your day's eats is Payard Patisserie and Bistro in Caesar's Palace. The French pastry and chocolate shop in the midst of the Roman mega-resort offers all sorts of tempting goodies, ranging from truffles to macaroons to fruit filled crepes.

Payard’s ornate build resembles a mini chocolate factory, rich in dark fudge-brown hues and structures. It drew me in immediately, because well, I'm in looooove with the coco! (Trap music reference -- if you have no idea what I'm talking about just forget I ever typed that.) By no surprise, I opted for a chocolate crepe, which came topped with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, and drizzled with a savory white sauce. I had to take a second just now to close my eyes for a moment of silence in commemoration. It was that good. If you’re feigning for the sweet of taste of France, say "oui, oui" to Payard's. 

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for grownups 

The makings of my chocolate crepe



I do realize these options aren't very health conscious, but that's not what you go to Vegas for...It's Sin City for a reason! Bon Appetit!


All three restaurants are reasonably mid-priced. ($$)

There's always a next time here in LV

There are a million and one places to dine in my beloved Vegas, if you've got any favorites or suggestions for my next trip (this May!), share them in the comments below. 


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