Wine Not? | A Mellow Malibu Winery Outing

Every time I find myself in Malibu, it’s a breath of fresh air. Whether I’m coastside cruising down along the PCH or up driving in and out of the rolling hills, the many scenic perspectives tug at my heartstrings.

Life seems easy in the ‘Bu. I can totally picture myself spending a breezy afternoon catching waves at Surfrider Beach (#surfbort), heading to dinner at Nobu where I might see Drake eating crabs and casually say what’s up, and then I’d retreat to my nice cozy palace…

My Malibu abode... Wanna come over? Wanna move in? 

My Malibu abode... Wanna come over? Wanna move in? 

...and do whatever it is affluent Malibu residents do in their 55-room homes. Hmm. But, in the meantime, I can surely pop a few bottles here in a wine club and enjoy cheese and flights with my girls. And flick it up throughout the entire property, and let the regulars wonders who these young brown chicks are and “when did they start wining around our parts?”  Yes indeed.

As part of a festive celebratory birthday weekend, my friend Ashley hosted 6 of her ladies at Malibu Family Wines. Our mini road trip from LA led us a few thousand feet above sea level, through the gorgeous scenery I mentioned above, to a nicely sized outdoor winery tucked away in between the mountains.

We paraded in with snacks in tow, eyeing many photo ops around the scene, easily claiming a table as we had arrived early before most others, and arranged our spread of chips, dip, croissants, fruit, crackers, pastries, and cheese of course. Yum!

Our table spread

Entry into Malibu Wines is completely free. You are encouraged to BYOE except the B (bring everything -- food, water, blankets, table settings, bridesmaid favors, etc -- but no bottles/alcohol. All wine is purchased on site).

We got about 4 or 5 bottles for the table, starting off with a smooth Pinot Noir (red) that wasn’t too dry for me, and a white called Malibu Bisous that was about as sweet as syrup (both pictured). We finished with a Chardonnay and a bottle of bubbly, which were both my favorites of the batch (don’t remember what, not because tipsy...just don’t have any pics!). I’m no wine connoisseur, but I’m finding my way and nailing down a list of what pleases my palate as I try out different reds and whites. Just don’t ask me which wines go with which dish yet.

Saddlerock Pinot Noir

Saddlerock Pinot Noir

Malibu Semler Malibu Bisous

City of Sisterly Wine

City of Sisterly Wine

Each buyer can taste up to two wines per bottle purchase; prices average around $25-$30 per bottle for non-club-members

The birthday girl! Isn't she so cute?

Wine tasting. Happy Toasts. Hours of girl talk. Laughs. Good times. Beautiful scenery. California love. Can you really go wrong here!? I declare not. It was such an enjoyable day -- especially being our very first visit to a winery for a few of us West Coast transplants -- filled with amazingly cheerful vibes. Not to mention, we definitely felt like the locals! Grown (but not too), classy, and in the know. However, I'm sure we gave ourselves away as we took over the winery grounds flicking away, posing for hundreds of pictures and obnoxious ussies.

And speaking of photoshoots… Guess who got a brand new shiny lens for Christmas and left her camera’s SD card right at home? Yeaaahhhhhhh, you guessed it. I’m not sure how forgetful one has to be not to double check for their memory card before heading to freaking Malibu, but I’d say PRETTY. Thankfully everyone had their handy iPhone cameras. Just imagine how much prettier our photos would have looked through a Canon lens, though!

There’s also a mini school bus parked onsite, which can be reserved as a ‘private room’ for guests to sit inside of, picnic table style, while they enjoy their food and wine. We spent a good few minutes scoffing at the idea of paying $300 just to sit cramped and secluded in a short bus when there were plenty of tables and picnic space available outside. But. The ‘Bu gets brrrrr! We got chilly when the late afternoon breeze blew in from the sea, and we sure did think twice about trash talking that bus. The small group that had gotten settled inside looked so cozy! If you got it, hey…

Our afternoon at Malibu Family Wines was a superb way to kick off the first weekend in 2015. I’m looking forward to more wine and vineyard excursions, carefree days with the girls, and even more California firsts this year.

I really wanted to drive this aqua Chevy home with me!

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So tell me, fellow wine aficionados (and those in the making), which flavors do you recommend?

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