1st Class Fashion & Flights | Luxe Lane LA Recap

When you love both football and fashion, having to choose between the two can be a meticulous decision. Not quite a tomboy, not quite a fashion addict -- I find myself genuinely fancied by both. I was looking forward to the return of the NFL last Thursday, but happened to get invited to the intriguing Luxe Lane soiree the day of the season’s opening game. Since the invitation came by way of the reputable bombshell Miss Dunnie, who coordinates and co-hosts spectacular events all over LA -- and whose productions are always on point -- I didn’t want to miss out.

After glossing over the Luxe Lane event webpage by 1st Class Fashion and acquainting myself with the organization, I knew it would be a posh occasion.

1st Class Fashion is a social community of style-savvy travel enthusiasts -- right up our alley here on PBU. Through its website, it promotes luxurious fashion, owning one’s individuality, and traveling the world in style. On Instagram, 1st Class Fashion (@1stcf) provides a platform for stylish jetsetters to upload photos of their outfit of the day for a chance to win a first class flight anywhere in the world.

Cindy Nkem, creative director and co-founder of 1st Class Fashion

Miss Dunnie O (on the right), event co-producer

Yes, you read that correctly! In order to win, you must submit a photo for them to post publicly on their account and receive 300 likes.

If you achieve the magic number of 300, the prize is yours, and you can jet first class to the destination of your choice.

I’ve never been one to seek validation through likes, but for the chance to win these tickets? Oh, please be prepared to see me on your timelines kindly begging asking every one of my followers to go vote for my picture, once I figure out a post-worthy ensemble, setting, and pose combination.

Anybody in this with me? I’ll throw you a like...let’s win some flights!

1st Class Fashion’s pilot function could have not been held at a more fitting venue -- inside a private jet hangar at the Burbank airport. Over 350 dapper guests gathered in the expansive space to sip, shop, and of course, show off their styles. I’ve always dreamed of traveling in a private jet, and hanging out in the hangar only lifted those dreams to new heights.

Although the PJs had been cleared from the building, fabulous Luxe Lane attendees showed up looking indeed ready to fly with flair. Eye-catching and elaborate, chic and sophisticated -- there was no shortage of variety in appearances. Take a peek at some of the night’s looks below.

Which of these looks are you feeling the most?

Other fashions on display came by way of several vendors who set up shop in the hangar for the evening, some of which including:

  • Mint & Lolly, a candy inspired accessory line
  • Luxury Oleku, a collection of vibrantly patterned, African-inspired womens’ dresses
  • Bow Appetit, a mens’ and womens’ “bowtique”
  • Teeki, ultra-femme and eco-friendly yoga wear created from recycled plastic bottles
  • David Giampiccolo -- my personal favorite browse of the night. Giampiccolo is a European designer whose black and white monochromatic collection of Rihanna-esque, sporty-chic apparel instantly landed on my wish list. His exclusive and affordable pieces are inspired by 90s hip hop with a futuristic touch, assembled in Belgium, and are adorned by many eccentric clients and celebrities.

Luxe Lane was an enjoyable evening with an impressive turn out; it was a pleasure to meet new interesting people. I also ran into a schoolmate from my tiny middle school back in Maryland (I’m definitely a believer that LA is a small world!), and left with plenty of fashion inspiration + even deeper wanderlust. 

I’m definitely a fan of 1st Class Fashion’s mission, and if you’re a lover of style and travel, I encourage you to follow them as well!

If you won a first class flight, where in the world would you go??

*Disclaimer -- Please pardon the temporary lower quality of photos, as my DSLR has recently been stolen. Replacement coming soon!*


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