Budget Breakdown Follow Up - What I spent in Portugal


A few months back, I posted a Budget Breakdown of what my two week trip to Barcelona, Ibiza, and Lisbon looked like on the Euro/Dollars side.

Between the expensive flights and shopping, it was definitely a bit of a splurge, but I did save in some areas.

I mentioned my attempt to make note of every purchase I made, in order to keep track of my money and of how much things in Europe generally cost. It came in handy, since I was paying for a lot of stuff in cash (trying to avoid the 3% foreign transaction fees) -- that is, until I got too lazy to keep up.

Thanks to the handy iCloud, however, I noticed that I still have that note in my iPhone. Here I am a year and a half later finally putting it to use!

The below comes from the first four days of my trip which were spent in Lisbon, Portugal. A few things to note: 1) Lisbon is a tad less expensive than other European destinations, such as Ibiza (Ibiza can and will very easily break the bank). 2) A few items could very well be and probably are missing. 3) I did not spend anything on nightclubs in Lisbon. We spent our two evenings out at the national Festival of St. Anthony which was a free, open-air celebration.

As you’ll see -- prices are pretty similar to what you’d pay, on average, in a US City. Except in Europe, you’re always paying a bit more simply because of that unfriendly conversion rate

  • €68.40 = Hostel balance (90% of the total)
  • €1.90 = Metro to aerobus
  • €3.50 = aerobus to hostel
  • €71.97 = Clothes (Berksha)
  • €29.99 = Two pair of shoes at Seaside
  • €8.00 = Earrings at the market
  • €10.00 = Dinner at hostel
  • €9.00 = Lunch
  • €3.50 = Gelato
  • €23.00 = Orange purse
  • €183.00 = Clothes (Zara)
  • €13.50 = Lotion and lipstick
  • €15.00 = Dinner
  • €2.00 = Sangria
  • €3.00 = Water
  • €6.45 = Train
  • €6.00 = Lunch
  • €5.50 = Fruit
  • €10.00 = Lunch
  • €7.00 = Booze
  • €15.00 = Shopping (Mezka)
  • €4.00 = Train
  • €19.00 = Food
  • €15.00 = Pedicure
  • €8 … €5 … €2 = Food
  • €200 = Missed flight to Barcelona (WOMPPPP!)

And a few things in Barcelona...

  • €15 = Cab
  • €15 = Party pass
  • €5.00 = Walking tour
  • €13.00 = Food...

(Yep you guessed it, and that's where I fell off.)

Lisbon by itself set me back about $720 during the time of travel (minus that emergency situation), ~$450 of which was spent on shopping. Looking back, I know good and well I did not to buy all those clothes! The shopping was just soo delicious, and our hostel was on the same block as all of the shops, what was an in-recovery-shopaholic to do? And then I had the nerve to go and buy more in Spain, SMH. But I digress. 

All in all, when budgeting for your day-to-day activities in Europe (outside of flight and lodging), keep in mind the following:

  • Transportation (Cabs + public transport)
  • Food (Will you be eating 2-3 meals a day, plus snacks and drinks?)
  • Nightlife (Booze, bars, and nightclubs get pretty pricey in Europe)
  • Tours (Sightseeing, museum tickets, walking tours, biking tours...)
  • Special events (Any music festivals, sporting events, holiday celebrations, etc)
  • Shopping (It’s best to set aside a strict budget for shopping -- and think about whether you have enough room in your bag. Nobody enjoys overweight baggage fees)
  • Emergency (You never know what emergencies you may run into. Have at least a few hundred that you don’t plan on touching otherwise, should the unfortunate occur)

Hope this helps with planning your future Eurotrip! Tell us where you'd like to go in the comments below. 

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