Lance Gross x Rocky Rug Present: Les Femmes

I don't come out to play with the Hollywood crowd too often, but occasionally when an alluring event of some sort lands specifically in my inbox, I make the effort to schedule it in.

This time, the invite was by way of Royal Waistbeads (my mom's and my jewelry business). I've vended at/helped sponsor a few different Hollywood events via RWBs since my relocation, and with varying levels of success, I've tended to mainly stick with only selling online where we get the most love with the least promotional effort. (Fun fact: Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith's ex wife of Hollywood Exes, once purchased a set from me at the first event I did here. I had to look her up because I’d never watched the show, but she was such a sweetheart!)

However, when we were extended an opportunity to be involved with the Les Femmes show by actor Lance Gross, I figured I'd give it a go. Any of the event’s LA-based sponsors or gift bag contributors were added to the guest list, and our simple contribution of gift certificates was enough to grant access.

Les Femmes was a special photography and art exhibition by Lance Gross, in collaboration with a Swedish-born visual designer/artist who goes by Rocky Rug.

While many of you may associate Lance most familiarly with a Tyler Perry show/film or two, those that follow him on Instagram as well also know that he's leveraged his notoriety and taken his passion for photography to an admirable level. Yess, Lance, you better be fine as hell and multi-passionate!

Lance & Rocky's feature collection highlighted black and white headshots and tastefully nude full body portraits by Lance, of an array of women -- the models ranging in shades from creamy seashell beige to illustrious rich chocolate, including all the nuanced shades in between. We saw Rocky Rug's imprint with the addition of a unique, abstract digital overlay, which added a warrior-like essence to the photographs. Notice the artist/photographer duo's ability to keep the portraits simple and timeless while simultaneously giving a futuristic touch. I love it. 

The women appear soft but undeniably powerful -- dynamic, very sure of their worth, and just effortlessly beautiful.

Lance enthusiastically made his rounds throughout the entire event, showing off his pearly whites while excitedly introducing invitees and press to his collection. I didn't know what else to do besides smile at him (lol -- judge away), but my roommate Brandi, a wonderful photographer herself, walked right up and stroke up a conversation with him. Brandi's truly the type that can rap to and make a connection with anyone, instantly! She and he have actually shot one the same models from the DMV area, and he seemed genuinely delighted that they had that in common.

Les Femmes took place at the Maxwell Dickson in Downtown Los Angeles, and featured a lot of other interesting visual pleasures to keep me from staring at Lance the whole time (jk, jk, I’m totally not that girl) -- colorful art by the gallery owner (Dickson) and other artists, a fun ‘free-for-all’ live body painting session on 3 different models, a wonderful upbeat-ballerina style dance number by a graceful soloist, and the opportunity to chat, sip, and network. No matter what kind of program I go to, I always tend to run into someone I’ve recently met. It never fails! “Everybody knows LA’s a small town...”

Without further ado, on to the pictures! About half of these were taken by Brandi, extended by her courtesy to share here. (Check out her makeup and photography at, she's THE bomb!)


From what you’ve seen, what do you think about the Les Femmes collection? Can we all agree that women are absolutely FASCINATING creatures?

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