Happy birthday Adrienne!

To my best friend Dri, on her 23rd birthday:

Fresh out of 8th grade when Xanga was the hot thing to join on the net, after Blackplanet days and before Myspace's reign, we discovered each other as baby bloggers. We found out we would be attending the same high school as one another, thus laying the foundation for an eternal friendship that neither one of us saw coming. We became fast friends during orientation week at our new school, and here we are 8 years later and thousands of miles apart still as thick as thieves. Our friendship has taken us through hilarious high school moments (even though you slept through all your classes you somehow managed to make it out successfully), then as honorary members of each others' college campuses at Howard U and Maryland, and now as long distance best friends who still barely go a day without talking. You're a friend I can email, text paragraphs to,  or lay up with giggling and chatting away for hours but NEVER run out of things to say. You've always been a friend who's shown nothing but support.  I can't say there's ever a time when I've needed a friend and you weren't there to keep it real. You even offered an ear today on your own birthday.  

From Beyonce concerts to Scandal Thursdays at your crib to book-worthy nights out of town. From hopping all over Maryland and DC to New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Cancun, Jersey, Connecticut, and California, you're a friend I know I can trek the world with -- or have just as much fun with right at home.

We scheme. We crack up about everything under the sun. We discuss life and our goals. There are some people who don't make that much of a difference in one's life, but I cannot even begin to imagine mine without YOU!  You are so intelligent, thoughtful, and best of all, one of the most fun people I know. This kind of true friendship isn't easy to come across, and it's a blessing to have you as a sister in my life. Sending you love today and with each day that passes!

Here's a virtual toast to you, your 23rd birthday, success in your future, and a never ending book of unforgettables. 

Random Thursday night at Muse 2013 | DC

Halloween 2014 | DC

Holiday cheer inside the Bellagio, 2012 | Vegas

College bars & happy hours, 2011 | College Park

Mrs. Carter Tour 2013 | Brooklyn 

Dorm life @ Howard, 2013 | DC

Girls night out at the telly, 2013 | DC

Dri snuck me into Howard's fancy Bison Ball, 2013 | DC

New Year's eve weekend, 2012-13 | Vegas

Cracking up per us' - prom night, 2009 | Ft. Washington Harbor

Color blocking in Cancun, 2012

Howard Homecoming weekend, 2009 | DC

Classic College Park pregames, 2009

Dri's 21st in the Yayo, 2012 | Miami

HU homecoming, 2009 | DC

Rooftop brunching (our favorite activity liiike), 2014 | LA/Santa Monica

Coco Bongo, 2012 | Cancun

Silly spring nights with the UMD crew, 2010 | College Park

Photo booth flicks in my dorm, 2009 | College Park

Fresh do's in the A, 2013 | Atlanta

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