Checking In: The SLS Las Vegas (A Hotel Review)

SLS front entrance - photo via Hotel Chatter

By now, I've taken many a flight or road trip to Vegas since first stepping foot in sin city in 2012 during my 21st. Half of a dozen visits later, some planned while others spur of the moment, the magic of the Strip has not been lost on me. Coming from a certified non gambler, the allure for me isn't an affection for casinos, but in never quite knowing what kind of night I'll have or who I will encounter. Yes, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but the memories always make for a great story!

The element of surprise delights me, and knowing that chances of me having a grand time are pretty high, it keeps me excited to come back. 

My most recent jaunt to LV was for the highly anticipated Mayweather-Pacquiao fight weekend. Yes, it was just as chaotic as you might imagine. Celebrity studded events, overly crowded pool parties (black pool parties = where ironically the pools themselves stay mildly empty), and big big money being thrown around everywhere on the strip. But in the midst of it all, I have to say there was lots of fun and (mostly harmless) debauchery had.

This time, my roomiesisterfriend Tamika snagged up a room at the SLS before everything was all sold out. We usually stay closer to the central-strip area, but I was excited to stay at a new resort and experience a boutique hotel on the strip. Plus, there's a whole song named after it, so it must be something to see.

Casino interior - photo via SLS

The interior decor of the SLS is swanky and smooth, yet it feels youthful. Its dark décor oozes mystery, while its bright lighting makes it inviting, in an "I'm dark and sexy, but I'm flashy! Gamble here!" type of way. As it is a boutique property, there aren't as many retail shops and a few less dining options than those of the other huge resorts further south along the strip. However, with choices such as Japanese noodles, gourmet burgers, pizza, a breakfast diner, and more, you'll likely be able to eat your heart out without leaving the hotel.

Checking in was easy and pain-free. We made our way to the World Tower, where at the end of a trendy black and white hallway, our standard double bed room was awaiting us. Ooooh la la! We were quite pleased to walk into a room dripping with black and white flair, unanimously agreeing on how clean, contemporary, and cute it was. The two double beds were small, but plush. Out of my previous casino-resorts stays in the Elara, Flamingo, and Planet Hollywood, this room was by far the smallest. Though for a two nights' stay, a combined 6 hours of sleep, and only a few waking hours spent inside, the square footage was not an issue for us.

World Tower double room - photo via SLS

With mirrors this bomb, how can you resist?

World Tower bathroom - photo via SLS

What it lacked in space, it made up for in style.

The lovely bathroom, large flat screen, wine opener, cocktail mixer (shoutout to those tequila sunrises we were able to whip up), and our favorite -- the huge mirrors that lit up fluorescent with the push of a button -- were all fancy touches. Collectively, it's all in the details! To be honest, I have not a clue what the SLS's theme is. It's not so in-your-face like with the French-themed Paris Hotel (duhhhh Kristen there's a whole Eiffel Tower there) or the Italian-themed Venetian & Palazzo (can't get much more authentic than actual canals and gondolas), but somehow you just get the vibe they're going for. 1 part posh, 1 part fun. SLS calls it playful elegance -- we'll go with it!

Photo via Oyster

The resort boasts a daytime venue called the Foxtail Pool Club, along with two nightlife venues, the Sayers Club (a laid back live music lounge) and the spacious LIFE nightclub where you can get your party on if you decide to visit. Although I'll most likely opt to stay closer into the strip next time, the Vegas-classic-Sahara-hotel-turned-modern-SLS property still gets a thumbs up from me.

SLS' Foxtail Pool Club - photo via TripAdvisor

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