Living a Dream: An Indefinite Honeymoon Around the Globe

We all love a great romance, right? You know, those stories where a little girl and boy grow up together and fall forever in love...the kind that only happen in movies? 

Today, we're presenting a behind-the-scenes look at a real life love story that will have you swooning, one that demonstrates young black love at its finest.

California Love | 1 Year In Los Angeles

It's been a year...Happy LA-versary to me!

Exactly a week after my birthday came my one year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles. I've heard an Uber driver or two say that you're truly official after you've spent at least a year as an Angeleno, so I'd say it's safe to say I've earned my stripes (well, maybe one stripe) as a California girl.

6 Tips to Become a Better Networker

6 Tips to Become a Better Networker

Hello loves! I'm writing to you this morning from the GORGEOUS Oahu, Hawaii! Honolulu to be precise. Waikiki Beach to be more precise! Ahhh, I've been longing to experience Hawaii for nearly all my life; it's a blessing to finally be here. 

I'll delve into my Hawaiian adventures when I return back to the States, err, I mean mainland, but I do want to share a few tips that I've picked up over the last several months. Moving to a city where I knew almost no one meant having to break out of my shell and make conscious, constant efforts to change that. As an introvert...

Let's Talk Retirement

Let's Talk Retirement


It's something we'd all choose to do soon rather than later, if given the financial stability. 

If we work hard while we’re young to build fruitful, thriving empires grown from our passions, hopefully we can retire somewhere in the hills of Malibu while we’re still fabulous and functioning. That’s the plan, right?

“But wait. Hold up. I’ve barely gotten my career started. How can I think about retiring when I haven’t even got a penny for a 401k? ” I know the majority of you reading this are probably currently in college, recent graduates, or twenty-somethings like myself with only a few short years of ‘career’ experience, wondering how a retirement discussion can even be relevant. I’m in the same boat -- I’ve barely scratched the surface on my career.

10 Staffing Agencies to Sign up with in LA

10 Staffing Agencies to Sign up with in LA

I've had some friends ask me to lend a few pointers about finding a job quickly upon moving to Los Angeles, and I always tell them to first register with as many temp & staffing agencies as possible. These agencies can match you with either temporary, temp-to-permanent, or permanent jobs. Temp assignments are great to get some income flowing while you're still searching for a career. Temp-to-perm assignments give you the chance to feel out a work environment, while giving the employers a chance to see if they want to hire you as a permanent employee. 

There are tons of staffing companies in LA and all over its various neighborhoods. Here's a list of ten to start you off: