PHOTOS: The Weekender | Soaking Up San Fran Pt. I

My dose of San Francisco was tiny but strong.

A familiar weakness began to creep up -- (i.e. wanderlust, or in this case, Cali-lust) -- one only a getaway could alleviate. I was cured by my encounter with a city I've wanted to step foot in ever since seeing my mom's post cards from her trip at least 15 years ago. The pesky cold I caught (having sick coworkers throughout the office is just dandy, isn't it?) tried to hold me back, but I'm Rick Ross in these streets when it comes to adventuring through a city. I wasn’t going to let my cold deter me from being the super tourist that mommy dearest has conditioned me to be.

Celebrating 24 | From San Francisco to Santa Monica

Celebrating 24 | From San Francisco to Santa Monica

(Four)eeeeeeever young, I want to be (four)ever young...

Whenever someone in my age bracket -- *cough* my best friends included -- says we're getting old, I immediately give them a "bish whet?"-esque reaction and cue up "Forever Young" in my head. Thinking young is not an excuse to treat my 20s as a carefree continuation of undergrad, but a motto to remember that age is what you make of it. If I had my headphones with me today, I'd be playing that song (Jay-Z’s version, of course) right now, because it's perched up in my mind. But I forgot my headphones today, and that always sucks. Womp.

Wine Not? | A Mellow Malibu Winery Outing

Every time I find myself in Malibu, it’s a breath of fresh air. Whether I’m coastside cruising down along the PCH or up driving in and out of the rolling hills, the many scenic perspectives tug at my heartstrings.

Life seems easy in the ‘Bu. I can totally picture myself spending a breezy afternoon catching waves at Surfrider Beach (#surfbort), heading to dinner at Nobu where I might see Drake eating crabs and casually say what’s up, and then I’d retreat to my nice cozy palace…

Hello Twenty Fifteen -- Let's Have a New Year Chat

Well helloooooo there urbanistas! The holidays called for a mid season blog hiatus, but PBU has been ringing also, like "Girls, where you been!?" The holiday finale always creeps up a little too quickly and the excitement inevitably fades when the rush is over, so alas, let's get back to it.

I celebrated Christmas through New Year's back at home in Maryland/DC for the first time in 9 months, and

Discovering Aloha on Oahu | Part II

Discovering Aloha on Oahu | Part II

Our final day in Hawaii, Tamika and I woke up at the crack of dawn for a sunrise hike at Diamond Head State Monument, Honolulu's closest and most popular hike. Contrary to popular belief, black girls DO hike! (This chick here has gone a whole 3 times, for all you doubters -- I’m true to this).

For the relatively fit, Diamond Head is a painless uphill hike with wide pathways, modest slopes, and for the most part, gentle terrain. There are parts where the path is a bit rocky and just a tad slippery, but overall does not require a tremendous amount of exertion to reach the crater’s summit.