Caribbean Cruising 101 - A Guide For Your First Time

Cruise ships are essentially cities at sea -- these massive boats not only have enough cabins to sleep hundreds and thousands of passengers, but they sail equipped with restaurants, cafes, bars, mini golf courses, basketball courts, ice skating rinks, theaters, zip-lines, and more all for you to enjoy in between island stops.

 The Caribbean Islands boast impressive natural beauty, delicious food, warm clear beaches, and the undeniable aura of relaxation. It’s no wonder that the likes of Jamaica, Aruba, and Barbados are such popular vacation destinations for us Americans. A cruise through this region can give you the opportunity to explore the Caribbean and enjoy the fun atmosphere of sailing the high seas, and usually at a lower total cost than an island resort stay.

I’m All Over The Place - 2015 Life & Travels Roundup

I’m All Over The Place - 2015 Life & Travels Roundup

This year has been a sensational whirlwind. I’m always astonished at how quickly the present moments and months disappear into mere memories. I’ve bounced around from here to there, hopping around from one city to the next, attempting to get my life along the way (resulting in the birth of new goal after new goal), often times moving too fast to even keep up with myself. Hence, why my beloved blog became increasingly vacant of new updates as the year shot by like a speeding bullet.

“I’m all over the place, I can’t sit in one place, I’m not ashamed at all.” 

Checking In: The SLS Las Vegas (A Hotel Review)

Checking In: The SLS Las Vegas (A Hotel Review)

By now, I've taken many a flight or road trip to Vegas since first stepping foot in sin city in 2012 during my 21st. Half of a dozen visits later, some planned while others spur of the moment, the magic of the Strip has not been lost on me. Coming from a certified non gambler, the allure for me isn't an affection for casinos, but in never quite knowing what kind of night I'll have or who I will encounter. Yes, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but the memories always make for a great story!

The element of surprise delights me, and knowing that chances of me having a grand time are pretty high, it keeps me excited to come back. 

My most recent jaunt to LV was for the highly anticipated Mayweather-Pacquiao fight weekend.

Las Vegas Eats | 3 Satisfying Spots You've Got to Indulge In

3 for 3: A+ restaurants on the strip for brunch, dinner, and dessert. 


It's a Saturday in Vegas. Understandably, you'll wake up considerably late after your full night whylin' out until sunrise. You'll crave cheesy eggs and syrupy Belgian waffles, halfway hungover and upset when you turn over and read it's nearly 1:00 or 2:00pm, undoubtedly past breakfast time around these parts. No worries! Hash House a Go Go is right here. 

PHOTOS: The Weekender | Soaking up San Fran Pt II

San Francisco’s Sunday afternoon sun luckily decided to shoo away the morning’s gray dreariness and make its late appearance. Alas, cooperative weather meant it was finally time to get down with the GGB!

As we drew near the Golden Gate Bridge (in case you didn’t catch on to her nickname), I could finally see it in full, and all I could do was stare at how cool it looked. There are lots of viewpoints you can choose from to see the Bridge; we went with a site called Fort Point because of its proximity to it -- right underneath -- and for the ability to capture all sorts of really nice angles.

I can see how some people would be content with seeing the Golden Gate, posing for the “proof I was there” photo, and moving on to whatever’s next. I mean, it is...just...a bridge...and there’s not too much else you can do if you’re not walking, biking, or driving across it. Sort of like that one time I casually (but nearly starstruck) stood only an arm's length away from Rihanna. I mean yeah, no big deal, she’s a human like me. But then it’s like, this is a world icon we’re talking about here.