Making LA Mine: 6 Months In

“The courageous among us embrace our discomfort”

Last month, I officially hit the half year mark of being a California girl. These months have flown by at full speed, yet I still consider myself a newbie in town. I’ve been trekking my way around this adopted world, learning how Angelenos operate. Adjusting to this new west coastal life wasn’t difficult at all. While I do miss everyone and everything I love on the east coast, I feel I belong right here in sunny LA at this exact stage of my life.

I contributed a post to last week (a true gem of a website, btw).  Since then, a few new/soon-to-be transplants in this city have sent me advice-seeking emails. A corner of my psyche asked myself, “Who am I to give anyone advice when I’ve only just gotten here, when I’m hunting for advice myself?” Yet, the appreciative feedback I've received from journaling my move allowed me to realize that I actually do have some beneficial tidbits to dispense.

Even when you don’t have everything figured out, even if you feel like a novice yourself, your story can still inspire the next person who’s trying to figure it out, too. That’s exactly what I aim to do --  inspire in any small way that I can.

Reflecting back over these 6 months, I’ve already learned so much about myself and about thriving in a new environment. My independence, my work ethic, and my ability to take a gamble -- nearly by myself -- in a city that I’ve never even lived close to, have all revealed themselves tenfold. I’ve concluded that yes, my unique experience can indeed help someone out. The bits of advice I’ve picked up both first and second hand so far are indeed gems whose value I can share. I pull inspiration from almost everywhere; it’s incredibly gratifying to be able to pay it forward and spread some of that inspiration and knowledge to others. I dove right into those email replies, typing long-winded answers (hopefully not too long), with the intention to offer as much as I could.

Just the other day, I met up with a reader who’d been a fellow Howard University student with Adrienne. She reached out to express how my story had provided encouragement and a glimpse of the transition she would soon begin. She sought the Hollywood life to pursue her dreams of one day becoming a television mogul. Within a matter of weeks, she jetted into LAX with just a few suitcases in tow, landed a job with a major network, and she’s already hobnobbing with celebs thanks to her new gig! Go head, girl. Her passionate pursuit in itself is fascinating to me, and I love the fact that we can both learn from each other’s exciting new quests.

Since settling down here, I’ve visualized the accomplishments I want to achieve. My goals have become more clear than ever. Make no mistake; I’m still attempting to decide in which direction to go with each of my days. Perhaps I’ve got too many ideas. I’m continually piecing together the many tangential journeys my brain tends to embark on. However, I don’t think I knew what exactly I wanted from my life and career, or how I'd plan on getting there, until I moved away from my comfort zone to this vast city.

LA is chalk full of dreamers, risk-takers, and achievers.

Even though it’s only the beginning, it feels pretty great to say I’ve dreamed. I’ve jumped. I achieved. Life in the city, especially this one, is all about doing and repeating that process. Each success is a stepping stone. That staircase may seem soaring, but the city’s hustler mentality encompasses you like a blanket. You want nothing more than to break down any barriers obstructing you from climbing higher.

I recently read Ryan Seacrest's interview in People. The entertainment tycoon moved to LA at 19 without knowing a single person. Twenty years later, he lays claim to a $400 multimedia empire built in this very city.

That was just the motivation I needed to "keep the turn up on full," as my dad would say. I may not be a white male like Seacrest, but do you think that's stopping me? Just know, I’m coming for my piece of Angel pie.

If you also have your sight set on making Los Angeles yours, don’t wait, just do. Give yourself no other option but to achieve, often. Take that jump, then jump some more. Dream boundlessly. If you want it, put in that work. Go get it.  

Here's to being Made in LA'merica.

-- Wondering why so many flowers? I'm into simple things, like admiring all of the natural beauty surrounding me in my new environment. Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses... or in my case, stop and snap em. "Small moments in big city life." They also symbolize the blossoming of something fresh. Like the flowers I observe on my daily walks to work, I want my life to bloom colorfully. --

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How quickly did you feel adjusted after moving to a new city? What are some of the small moments that you find comfort in? 

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