Pop Up Dinner LA 2014: The All White Affair

Summer just isn’t complete without a reason to wear all white.

For Angelenos last Saturday, that reason came in the form of a mass picnic -- accompanied by 2,000 creative individuals and festive table decor, all centered around live musical performances that kept the evening’s energy on 100.

After interviewing Nicole, coordinator and co-founder of Handmade Events, I had an idea of what to expect from the #PopUpLA2014, yet I was still completely blown away by the magic I felt the entire time I spent there.

Kept secret until just two hours before the event’s start time, all ticket holders received an email at exactly 3:00PM revealing this year’s location: Will Roger’s State Historic Park in West LA’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood. With the Los Angeles area being as widespread (and traffic prone) as it is, it’s a bit risky to hold an event at an undisclosed location here. However, this didn’t dim the excitement of Pop Up attendees -- they were absolutely ready to show up and most definitely show OUT for the 3rd year in a row. Personally, I was thrilled that it was held in my side of town.

This year, Handmade Events (HME) was able to ink a huge sponsorship from Acura. Upon arriving to the sprawling park, we were greeted by not one, two, or three, but six fresh Acuras -- all white to match the event -- parked on a regal red carpet. Inside, yet another Acura served as an actual photo booth for all to enjoy. Who doesn’t love fun photo booths!? I thought this was super creative, and a great advertising tool for the brand, knowing that guests would enthusiastically share their beautiful photos from the Pop Up Dinner all over social media.

Exhibit A. 

Tamika and I upon arrival to the party

Tamika and I were shown to our seats in HME’s section, and let me tell you honey, our table was absolutely gorgeous!

Graced in a sophisticated theme of red, white and black Hollywood glam, the gold rimmed dishes, film reel centerpiece, and personal bottles of sparkling wine all made for the most perfect setting.

I was (and still am) in complete admiration for its fabulous details. I got to meet Nicole in person, as well as a few others that are part of the HME team; it was such a pleasure to see the friendly faces who harmoniously make these events happen from city to city!

Our glamorous table, courtesy of Handmade Events! 

With T by my side, we ventured off to revel in the sea of winter white, admiring the crisp attire and especially each group’s extravagant table spreads. The pizzazz that everyone brought was simply flooring -- to say these guests went all out is truly an understatement.

From embellished costumes to lavish resort-ready ensembles, extravagant centerpieces to embellished accessories, exquisite floral arrangements to sparkling candelabras, the whole dinner was one huge stunning festivity.  

We weaved through the aisles going camera crazy as all the flamboyant decor caught our eyes. At one table, the women dressed up as fairies, with shiny white wings and dainty white flower crowns. Another table was topped with a whole bikini-clad mannequin. I’d have to give the standout award, though, to the Alice in Wonderland crew. They really crushed it; each dressed up as different characters from the classic fairytale and adorned their table with all things Alice-themed, including whimsical props and a fun white Wonderland cake.

After the sun was fully set, dinner fully eaten, champagne bottles fully finished -- it was time to dance!

The DJ played an incredible beat-driven set that you couldn’t refuse to jam to. A party’s not a party without a packed dance floor. We topped off the perfect evening grooving right at the stage in the thick of the diverse, energetic crowd.

I am very much a fan of themed events -- the unifying factor seems to always add a level of intrigue. Being one for aesthetics, I also can’t deny the eye-candy allure.

The Pop Up Dinner is not an occasion to miss out on. You’ve got to love the spirit of the event -- thousands of people gathered with one simple mission, to have an amazing, unforgettable time. Next year Handmade Event’s expansion list includes DC (hometown love!), Atlanta (heyy Dri), Seattle, and more, as well as the launch of a new branch of its brand -- Pop Up Weddings.

Until this party rolls back around to LA next summer, I will definitely be awaiting this winter’s Pop Up Evening of Masquerade -- a black and white affair. Consider me in there.

"White is not a mere absence of color; it is a shining and affirmative thing..." - G. K. Chesterson

I loooved her dress! 

3 feet away from Ludacris and this was the best pic I could snap :( 

My 'seflie with Luda.' Womp, womp! Lol. 

White wine to match the occasion.

I want to especially thank Nicole Benjamin-Sathre from Handmade along with Jen from Main & Rose PR for having me and being such fabulous hosts! This post has not been paid for or sponsored; all opinions expressed are my own.

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