Fourth of July Weekend in LA Pt. 1 | Basking in Rihanna's Presence

"Take a picture with Rihanna behind me!"

It’s not really a huge surprise that living in LA has resulted in a few celebrity interactions over the past few months, but as I got ready for the 4th of July’s festivities, I would have never imagined that I’d be casually laying eyes on one of my favorite current artists/fashion icons ever.

I was already super excited to spend the holiday with a bunch of my girls from back home -- my bff since kindergarten, one of my best friends in high school, a friend from Tamika’s high school, one of my sophomore year suitemates; and one of my high school friends/apartment mates for junior and senior year. It was quite the reunion for us East coasters out here in the west -- of course I was pumped.

But when I walked in the Beverly Hills cookout/pool party and spotted Robyn Rihanna Fenty herself, looking ultra radiant in a delicate little red negligee, that level of excitement shot up by a million. My eyes grew wide and my heart nearly jumped out of my body. “OMGGGGGGGG Rihanna is RIGHT THERE!!!!” We all wanted to stan down so bad, but of course, we had to keep cool and composed. It was just so crazy to us that one of the most powerful celebrities on the planet -- someone who sells out albums, concerts, makeup, fragrances, and fashion, around the world, with insane fans who’d probably faint if given the chance to be this close to her -- was right here, surprisingly in our presence.  

Big Sean, Rihanna, and Melissa chillin' (and no that's not Rick Ross to the right)

Big Sean, Rihanna, and Melissa chillin' (and no that's not Rick Ross to the right)

In between dancing, talking, and enjoying ourselves, we admittedly spent a good chunk of our time there gawking and eye-stalking Rih, wishing we could pull up on her and have a photoshoot. She would have loved us, we were sure of it. However, she was on chill, “no new friends” holiday mode, so we made do with simply breathing her air.

At one point, she was vibing by the candy table with her right hand gal Melissa. So what did Tamika and I do? Decided we wanted some Starbursts. We make our way to the candy, snacking on our sweets, and we’re literally standing TWO FEET away from her. We hung out there for a sec, soaking up her essence -- hoping that in those minutes, Rih Rih’s fierce, commanding wavelengths could travel over into our own auras.

It didn’t really hit me until afterwards that I could have literally touched her.  It was definitely an Independence Day I’ll never forget!

Hanging jacuzzi-side with my ladies

Gia x KrissKross

Couldn't resist putting the RED in red, white, & blue day! 

This man was struggling so hard trying to work the camera, it took no less than 7 minutes for him to snap and as a result, here we are desperately fighting back laughs -- My face tells it all.

How did you spend your 4th of July in the City? 

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