Moving Journal Part V | #Hired!

My trip to LA was only supposed to last just over a week… Get into my Moving Journal posts to read more about how my vacation turned into a permanent move, and to learn about the setbacks and successes I encounter during my transition from DC to LA.

Having been in California for a month, after pushing my flight back twice (thanks Southwest!), I finally settled on a date to fly back to DC for a weekend at home. (I definitely needed to go and get bring more clothes to LA -- I’d only packed for about two weeks!) Since moving across the country had 180’d from fantasy to reality, I wanted to simply enjoy the comfort of my home and my family for a little while -- I knew it could be months before I saw them again. I was overjoyed to see my parents and my puppy, but getting blasted by the icy air upon stepping out of the baggage claim terminal was quite the opposite of fun. Tears welled up in my sensitive eyes thanks to the frozen winds, and my leather motorcycle jacket, which was too hot for me most days in LA, then felt like a thin sweater barely providing warmth. Thank God my mom greeted me with the long, heavy peacoat I left behind in Maryland. “Winter? What’s that!? I don’t do winter,” I joked, as if I hadn’t only been Cali living for a month.

As much as I wanted a longer block of time in DC to see my friends or have an official going away party, I also wanted to get back to LA quickly and resume my job hunt. I had an appointment with another staffing agency who discussed an opportunity I was interested in, and I also had the upcoming LA Marathon to work and generate a little cash.

The plan was to only be home for two full days. But what else would stall my return to the West other than a snowstorm in the East!? We were experiencing an incredibly frigid and extremely snowy winter, so I found it unsurprising that Mother Nature decided to cast another spell of snow even though I could have sworn the calendar said it was March. I didn’t really mind getting snowed in at home -- it meant extra time I got to spend with my family before jetting back off towards the Pacific -- but it did make me a little anxious about having to reschedule my appointment.

I think Mother Nature sent this bizarre March blanket of snow to keep me home with my family a little longer. I ain't mad at ya. 

In the midst of being snowed in instead of on a plane back to sunny LA, I was spending time working on orders for my mom’s and my jewelry company when I got a phone call from one of the job agencies I’d signed up with. I assumed they were calling to confirm that I was working the LA Marathon later that weekend, but the news that my account executive had for me was WAY better: She had a new opportunity for me, an actual job! I was beyond thrilled to hear the details.

Got to enjoy snow, ice, & peacoats back home during my quick break from LA - what a blast! (Btw, I adore this orange snake skin print bag I found in Portugal last summer!)

I would be working for a company in the luxury cruise industry -- it sounded alluring already -- and they wanted me to start ASAP, like in two days ASAP. It was a temp-to-hire position, meaning that I’d start off as a temporary employee working through the staffing agency, with the possibility of becoming a permanent employee of the company based on my performance. The staffing company had provided them with 5 qualified resumes, and they chose mine from the bunch! I didn’t even have to interview, I was to show up and start immediately.


You ever get the feeling that something is too good to be true? Well yeah, that’s exactly how I felt. I rarely let myself get prematurely excited about something before I know for a fact that it’s legitimate. “I don’t even have to interview? this one of those sales jobs, are they going to want me to call people and bother them about booking cruises?” I was a little skeptical because they didn’t provide a full job description. However, there was no indication that I was signing up to be a saleswoman, so I trusted that it was going to be a promising opportunity. After all, how fitting is it for me to work for a company in the travel industry, when I love jetsetting and have a cruise record in the double digits?

I didn’t want to get too happy until I was back in LA, stepping in the door, and assessing the work environment, but I couldn’t help but thinking that this would be the perfect position for me to start building a career in California.

With all of the flight cancellations that the messy weather caused, it was a real pain trying to book a new flight that would get me to LAX as soon as possible. LCC* wanted me to start on Tuesday morning, but I wasn’t able to get on any flight that would arrive before midnight Tuesday night.

Leaving home base: bittersweet, but I didn't shed any tears! 

As my flight ascended from BWI (Baltimore-Washington International), I gazed out of the window longer than I normally do, pensively taking in the area’s snow-covered landscape and mentally bidding goodbye to the area I called home my whole life. Reality pinched me as it started to kick in. Here I was on my way to the beginning of a new chapter. It was invigorating, and I could not wait to see how my story would unfold. But being on this flight also meant having to accept the one bitter aspect that I would no longer be physically near my parents, my best friends, or my boyfriend.

Moving across the country is not easy if you’re close to your loved ones.

I can’t go out on dates in DC with #bae anytime or come home to my hilarious dog running to greet me lovingly and kicking it with me in my room. I couldn’t enjoy wine during weekly Scandal Thursdays with my best friends or attend my little cousins’ weekend soccer and basketball games. I can’t just ask my dad to buy me dinner or expect a full course home cooked meal from my mom. And as an only child, I’m especially close with my parents.

I’d miss everything about the blessing of having abundant family members and friends around me, however, I knew that my move would be a major achievement for me -  an exciting and rewarding challenge to conquer.

Although none of them wanted to see me go, they were all genuinely happy to see me being brave enough to go after a huge goal. Equipped with their support, an enthusiastic attitude, and my motivation to succeed in a brand new environment, I was ready.

“Now’s my time. Gotta go be great!”

And so it began...

*For discretionary purposes, I will refer to my employer as LCC

A warm welcome back to LA, literally! 

A warm welcome back to LA, literally! 


Iphotography -

Tamika and I got to participate in some behind-the-scenes action for Iggy Azalea's latest hit, "Fancy." I admit, I'm a fan of the song, often thinking & singing to myself "#ImSoFancy"... Ha, I'm not though. Only sometimes. *You already knooow*.  

Sorry for the terrible quality in photos! We weren't supposed to be snapping pics, but I tried to sneak some in anyway. As you can see -- that was largely unsuccessful. 

A blurry Iggy filming a scene in her perfectly replicated Cher outfit - the "Fancy" video was 90s themed and based on the classic movie "Clueless"

Shooting the outdoor lunchtime scene.

Funny story: Tamika and I were grocery shopping on a Saturday night -- being the ultra popping gals that we are (sarcasm). As I'm waiting for Tamika to finish up at self check out, I notice this young woman who looked SMOOTH like* Iggy walking in with a guy. She was totally lowkey, outfitted in sweats and a hoodie with the hood covering most of her head, so I honestly don't even know how I peeped her. "Is that Iggy!?" I asked Tamika, who had already ran into her herself in LA a few months ago. After gathering up some quick courage, I walked right on up to her as she stopped to examine some chicken and said "Hi Iggy!" Sure enough, it was her! Luckily, she wasn't bothered at all by being distracted from her chicken-picking -- she was so sweet. I told her that my friend and I had been confirmed as extras for her video shoot the next day (super coincidentally), which made her light up and excitedly give me the inside rundown on how she was going to have her hair done and what she'd be wearing. She was really nice and thankful that I offered to volunteer my time to be a part of  her video shoot. I didn't ask for a picture, because we both looked extra regular and dry, but I won't need one to remember how sweet she was to me, with her cute Aussie accent! 

The video shoot the next day was long and tiring. And I never got a chance to re-meet her on set or get a photo when we both looked cute, lol, go figure. By the time the video premiered a couple of weeks later, Tamika and I BARELY spotted ourselves, in the deepest of crevices for exactly a quarter of a second, but it was still cool. Gave me something to talk about when I met her, ya know? 

While some may criticize the authenticity of her status in hip-hop, no one can deny that she absolutely slays in her music visuals. And by slay, I mean exude an aura that screams "boss" by looking and being voguishly (I can make up words, right?) well-styled, effortlessly confident, and just plain flawless. If one were to watch them on mute, they might be easily fooled into thinking that she runs the female rap game.

Ugh, as if. Whateverrrr! 

(Lol.) "Fancy" failed to disappoint; I thought it was very well-executed, and it definitely made me nostalgic, bringing back those elementary school memories when Clueless used to be EVERYTHING to young divas nationwide. 

*DMV Translation: "she looked smooth like Iggy" = "her appearance resembled Iggy's quite precisely"

Mika & I attempting to look 90s for the video shoot

Selfie on set.

Selfie on set.

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