Moving Journal IV | Two Heavy Weights

My trip to LA was only supposed to last just over a week… Get into my Moving Journal posts to read more about how my vacation turned into a permanent move, and to learn about the setbacks and successes I encounter during my transition from DC to LA.

One afternoon, Tamika came home bearing news once again. Her roommate, Raven, got cleared by her doctor and had decided to come back to Los Angeles & return to the apartment -- to resume her occupancy of the space that I had started to settle in and get comfortable with. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’d spent the past couple of weeks feeling so secure with my living situation. I began to embrace living downtown, right in the middle of everything -- with the likes of Staples Center and the constantly buzzing LA Live a quick hop, skip, and jump (or a $6 Uber ride) away. Tamika and Mo had already adopted me as their roommate, and with every day that passed, it felt more like home. Adrienne even booked her ticket out to come visit me there already! Their apartment building was lovely; groceries were only a half block’s walk away, and I was looking forward to taking my behind to its huge gym a few times a week and laying out at any of the complex’s four tropically-garnished pools whenever I fancied. It was a bit like living in a vacation resort, really, all that I could ask for.

Until it was no longer mine.

A tsunami of stress washed over me. I mean, I couldn’t be upset. Even though I hadn’t met Raven yet, I was excited that her situation had brightened and that she’d been deemed healthy enough to reclaim her turf in LA. It was wonderful news for her! But, I admit, I was a little downbeat the day I found out. I just had to swallow the fact that my transition wasn’t going to be as smooth as I thought -- in addition to having to find a job, I now had to simultaneously juggle finding a place to live as well, in the very vast City of Angels.

It was another heavy weight on my shoulders. I didn’t arrive to California with plans to immediately move, so I hadn’t even looked for apartments at all. How would I know where to where to live if I didn’t know where I was going to be working? How would I know where to concentrate my job search if I didn’t know where I’d be living? How would I know what to budget for if I didn’t know what kind of money I’d be making??  (And guess where my car is?Yep, back home in Maryland.) It was all a lot to process, and I just wasn’t prepared for it.

But moving to any big city comes with its obstacles, and I haven’t encountered anything worth accomplishing that didn’t come equipped with a challenge.

I did not forget how blessed I was to have been in the position that I was in with a wonderful friend like Tamika, who welcomed me into her space for more than just the week that I had planned to be there. I could not have even begun my journey to LA this soon without her! Before she found permanent digs, she had a friend to stay with. She understands that it takes time to find a place that meets your needs, so she was happy to extend the same generosity to me. She never put pressure on me to find my own place, and she offered lots of advice on places to live around the city (I'll be sharing some good resources soon!).  For her, I am forever thankful.


I didn’t feel too stressed for too long. By the next day, I just felt eager to get back to my top priority. Back to the grind of finding a grind. This was what I asked for -- and no one said it would be easy.

Things would look up sooner than I knew...


The majority of the photos in my posts are taken with my EOS SL1, however I do snap some pretty nice shots on my Iphone when the Canon's not with me. In this post are a few I've taken around the city so far.

Santa Monica:

LA's beautiful outdoor malls make weekly shopping days just that much more tempting. Must not give in!  


Venice Beach:

Beverly Hills

A lovely (boujie) brunch at The Ivy.

I need not be shopping, but hey the selfies are free! 

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