Meet the Urbanistas!

Although we have much in common, hence the reasons we’re BFFS, we have several differences between our educational backgrounds and career paths that will provide some insightful variety with Peaches, Beaches, & Urbanistas. I (Kris) graduated from a PWI (Predominantly-white institution -- the University of Maryland, to be exact), am living in California, and working in public relations in the travel industry. Dri graduated (twice!) from the HBCU mecca Howard University, will soon be living in Atlanta and working in accounting.

Our locales can explain our lovely header illustration. While brainstorming ideas for the blog's name and theme, Adrienne mentioned wanting something that would perfectly encompass her and my new cities. Shortly after, I thought up "Peaches, Beaches, and Urbanistas," and we loved how it referenced both our individual geographic directions and our similar essence as urbanistas -- part travelistas, part city-savvy young women on the professional grind in our urban environments. I immediately envisioned an illustration that would complement this idea and communicate our transitions away from the comfort zone of our beloved city, Washington, DC, and into the next exciting chapters in our lives. JayBecca did such a fantastic job of turning this vision into a reality with her art! It also displays how important it is for us to remain just as close of friends even though we now live so many miles apart.


We will be sharing our post-collegiate journeys as our first time living grown-up lives outside of DC/Maryland, the beginning of our careers as full-time permanent employees, and how we make the most out of our new cities while setting out to achieve the next set of goals we wish to accomplish.

We hope PB&U encourages other young women to take a leap of faith, to be unafraid of a challenge, and to take actions towards building a fulfilling future. We advocate for traveling, and for absorbing as much of the world as possible, especially since so many American minorities don’t ever get to step out of their country, or even their state! We can’t wait to share photos and tips from the fun and mischief-filled trips we’ve taken either together or separately to destinations including Las Vegas, Cancun, NYC, Spain, Portugal, China, Korea, and more. Stay tuned!