About the Urbanistas

Welcome to Peaches, Beaches, and Urbanistas! (Graphic designed by:@JayBecca)

The Founders

Adrienne and Kristen are two fun-loving, travel obsessed women hailing from PG County, Maryland -- suburban girls turned city-savvy urbanistas. 

We've spent our twenty-something years living, studying, and playing in (and just outside of) Washington, DC, but after graduating college, we both decided to adopt new cities on opposite ends of the country. 

We're now on a mission to take full advantage of our cities and the world at large while pursuing our dream professions and lifestyles.  

PBU's Purpose

We created Peaches, Beaches, and Urbanistas as an outlet to share our travel tales and our journeys transitioning from one city to another, far away from home.  

With Kristen’s move to Los Angeles, California (land of the beaches), then to Chiang, Mai Thailand; and Adrienne’s move to Atlanta, Georgia (land of the peaches), we hope this blog helps other young women conquer the challenges that come with uprooting their lives to seek new beginnings and to become smart world travelers. We share our trips, vacation escapades, and advice on planning fulfilling domestic jaunts and international voyages.

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A Collaborative Platform

PBU also serves as a platform for other women to share their stories as cosmopolitan individuals who set out to break down barriers. Here on Urbanistas, the motto is to "live a vibrant life - fearlessly." We encourage women to experience the world, create and take advantage of opportunities to flourish, and most importantly, to have fun while unapologetically pursuing a passion-filled life! 


Meet Kristen

Aloha! I'm Kristen, a softly eccentric adventuress and budding entrepreneur -- story teller, website designerwaistbeads creator -- humbly earning my stripes as a world-exploring trailblazer on the rise. 

I fell in love with (most of) life in Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Maryland, only to up and leave a year later to Thailand for 8 months. With no concrete plan, I just jumped out there and entered life abroad. I moved on a quest to learn how to be an online entrepreneur who uses their location-independence to frequently travel the world (a digital nomad, as they're commonly referred to).

Why'd You Do Such a Thing?

I caught two bugs early on in life: travel and entrepreneurship. I'm talking stunting in my Minnie Mouse sunglasses in Puerto Rico at age 2, and selling handmade lotion to classmates in 3rd grade. I was blessed to grow up taking trips around the country with my parents, and spent my life constantly dreaming up new ideas -- but I didn't know I could actually combine my love of travel and entrepreneurship to create a sustainable, meaningful career until recently.  

Thanks to the world wide web, I discovered many resources and stories of people who were paving their own lanes -- building passion businesses and the freedom to live life on their terms. I decided I wanted to create my dream lifestyle as well. 

I've learned I don't have to spend 40 years playing office politics or suppressing parts of myself to fit into a grey corporate landscape. I want to live in color. I want to live a well balanced life of family, fun, and self care, in addition to work that I enjoy. I want to develop/help grow businesses and organizations that make me happy to help solve problems and make other people happy. I want to make personal connections with individuals all over the world. 

The Bigger Picture

I live to create, share, learn, explore, & bloom. To cultivate an abundant life and empower others to soar. As easy as it would be to frolic and simply live the travel life freely, it would mean very little to me if I weren't helping people make it possible for themselves. I hope to help anyone, but I specifically highlight black and brown women -- because if we don't uplift each other, who else will? 

I'm still wandering and figuring this whole thing out, but rooted in my commitment to stay true to self + true to end goal. Whether I end up working for someone else or myself in the long run, I absolutely have to be wholeheartedly passionate about it. My dream is to live out the likes of Afar and Condé Nast Traveler magazine pages -- documenting inspiring people and places in creative styles along the way.


My other babies:

My mom's and my online jewelry shop

My mom's and my online jewelry shop

Web Design & Digital Marketing agency

Web Design & Digital Marketing agency

Meet Adrienne

I'm the quiet storm of this duo -- more reserved and shy on the surface, but once I warm up, the real Dri comes out. Outgoing, sarcastic, sweet, and forever cracking jokes.

My life in Atlanta is a combination of my career and weekend antics, well who am I kidding - weekday, too. As cliche as it may sound, I work hard and I play hard.

The two things that I am most passionate about would have to be traveling and music.

I'm all about mastering the use of PTO (holidays and vacation days) for travel, along with quick weekend getaways. I make it a priority to jet at a minimum of once every 3 months, but I normally find myself taking trips more frequently than that. 

Although I am not musically-inclined (unless my piano lessons as a child count), I firmly believe that music keeps me going. You can bet I'll always have my speakers blasting at home, work, in the car... you get the point. 

I love planning & hosting gatherings for family & friends, reading, attending concerts, and attending sporting events, just to name a few of my other hobbies. On any given weekend, you may catch me at a bar or a party... or in the house Netflixing it. And at some point during the weekend, I'll most likely be at brunch. 

I strive to maintain an overall healthy state of being -- mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Every day is an opportunity to grow and better myself.

It's important for me to maintain positive vibes within my life, and I feel more at peace when I am exploring or discovering new places. I hope you enjoy as I share my transition as a twenty-something in Atlanta! 

Catch me on the gram @adrnndvs